Thursday, January 10, 2013

In faith

Sometimes I do things in faith. I think that is one of the things that Moz taught me...

I hug my child with whom I am upset with in faith that my love for her is stronger than my anger.

We stayed in Moz even though it was hard, in faith that God was at work and we were part of it.

We settled back in the States where we did, for now, in faith that though, we did not sense God's movement to a particular place, we know that God is with us where ever we go and we will try to serve him.

It reminds me of Hebrews 11 and 12 where the author writes about all the people through the Bible who lived out their lives with faith without seeing its fruition. In some ways its investing in the future and in someways it is, as I read in my Advent devotional, living with "defiant joy" in the midst of suffering, the mundane or the norm. God is at work and we are a part of it even if we don't feel it.

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