Friday, February 19, 2010

Sand Dam Update
It has been a while since I have updated this blog. We have been doing many things of late and N has kept us quite busy. We are currently traveling around doing storytelling for MCC in MCC Central States. We are really having a fun time, meeting neat people and telling some exciting stories. In fact the stories are getting better all the time. Our colleagues spent time over the last few weeks with a learning tour from our funder the Canadian Food Grains Bank. What I understand is that government officials came and talked wih CCM and MCC staff about partnering to train people within the government on the technology of sand dams so they can spread it as well. I also heard the Steve was on national TV talking about the concept and how it works. And yet today we got word from Jon that people are lining up to talk about sand dams. Who are these people? I do not know but will find out. All in all it is an exciting time and things are happening. This may be just the thrust we need to spread this technology throughout the region and help more people. Praise God!