Monday, April 02, 2012

This is an interesting article on Mozambique. Africa is no longer the Africa we have known it. Things are changing. But will it change for everyone. Time will tell. History has not always been good. But there is hope.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I wonder if this guy's bike is overloaded?

2 Days and 20 Hours

Any way you slice it the trip from Maputo to Beira, it seems to always be an adventure. We are now a family of four and a 17 hour bus trip just seemed to be a bit much. So we decided to take the car, grit our teeth and make the two day trip, stopping in Vilanculos for the night. Here is advice for all those who have interest:
  • Vilanculos is not the place for budget accommodation. After 3 trips we finally found something somewhat decent but the bathroom leaked and it was hot. Pay your bucks and avoid unnecessary suffering, especially with children.

Our Place for the Night

  • If you travel with young kids, forget actually enjoying the beautiful beach scene, even if it is 30 meters away. You will not have time to see it anyway.
  • Get into town when the they are not repaving the main street, thus cutting you off from all the eating places on the other side of town. We ate tuna fish sandwiches and dry bread.
  • When you hear thunder, pack the car, quickly.
  • There is going to be some fatigue after dodging 5000 or so potholes.
  • Actually hitting less then 20 potholes is a good day.
  • It is indeed possible to get a small car through a truck sized pothole.

Potholes near Inhassoro

  • Yes friends, the Beira-Chimoio highway can get worse.
  • When studying whether your car can cross a pothole without scraping bottom, consider whether it looks higher than a curb in Maputo. (yes, we have to drive up curbs to park, or when avoiding traffic congestion during a hospital run)
  • 1200 miles of pristine land where a potty training child can pee is wonderful, unless it rains all day or she actually likes to stop just for the experience.
  • It is a bit frustrating to have a child that actually gets a thrill from testing all the public restrooms.

Our Child's Restroom

  • Not breaking down or having a flat tire is wonderful, and lucky.
  • Watching a bus barrel toward you with a blown tire is a bit scary.
  • Inhambane Province is just beautiful with palm trees as far as you can see and turquoise waters.

Palm Tree lined roads in Inhambane Province

  • A newborn will indeed feed every two hours.
  • It is ok to let infants cry, though we did learn on our last trip from South Africa that aids getting through customs.
  • Mozambicans are very good at stating the obvious. I can not count how many times we were told our baby is crying. In fact, we had to ask several to repeat in an effort to hear over the screams.
  • If you missed the first cashew salesman on the side of the road, there will be others, 10 others.
  • Despite the challenges, I still find Mozambique beautiful and incredibly interesting.
  • We get to do it again in 4 days, yeah!