Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Summer has arrived
Well actually, it should probably be called springtime. The Jacarundas with their deep purple, blue flowers in contrast with the red, orange of the Flambouyant Flame acacias line the streets of Maputo. The leaves are coming out of the trees and people take to spending countless hours on the verandas and terraces of their buildings or the sidewalk outide their apartments, offices and houses as the sun climbs higher and higher in the sky piercing the flowers in the trees and landing on the concrete pavement. Yes, it is beautiful, colorful, green and hot. My biggest fear from our apartment was either that the leak would continue in the rainy season despite the quick fix job of cement laid on the terrace above our apartment or that our apartment would heat up and not let the heat dissipate. I guess the second came true. Since the arc of the sun is higher in the sky, the sun beats down on all sides of our apartment at various points throughout the day. This made it quite cool in the cool season but quite hot in comparison with outside in the hot, season especially in our bedroom whose walls seem to trap the heat in the large expanse above the doorway. We have ceiling fans but they seem to just push the warm air around. Fortunately the air in Maputo is a dry air and not the humidity in Beira or it would be unbareable. Nadia's hair is continually wet with sweat. We wonder where she gets it from. She seems to even sweat at lower temperatures. As much as I want to cuddle with my daugher it does not encourage affection. It could be worse and I thank God that we do not have to put buckets down and clean mold of the walls which would be the case if we had a leaky ceiling.

Actually, I should be more then thankful. Our colleagues are suffering in Tete with over 100 degree temperatures and we for the most part have been comfortable. The office in which we work has airconditioning, which may make the heat feel worse when we arrive at home but it brings the releif throughout the day.

Next week we go to Beira for meetings. I think we will be ready to return after a few days and probably Maputo will feel amazing in comparison.