Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Starting kindergarten

Tomorrow, Nadia starts kindergarten. She is super excited. We picked out her clothes and got her snack and water bottle ready. One minute she's practically dancing with excitement to go to school and then during our bedtime story she said she was nervous and then asked me to define nervous. I asked her how she felt and she said a little sad that neither Joel or I could go with her.

It feels incredulous that she's ready to go to school. It's half day kindergarten and (unlike her most of her friends from preschool who live in another school district) she gets to ride the bus one way. So at 8:37 am, we will be standing out on the corner waiting for the bus. At kindergarten orientation last week, they learned about the 'Danger Zone'- a 10 step area around the bus where the driver can't see. She wondered if she will have to go through it to get onto the bus.
Nadia on her 5th birthday in June

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